Business consultancy and strategy with a digital flavour, a freelance developer and former Head of Digital.

My name is Xander. For over a decade, I have designed, built and helped build digital businesses and good things on the web.

I’ve worked with and for companies, organisations and artists across the digital spectrum, I graduated with an EMBA in 2021, and now work primarily as a business consultant in Oxford, UK. I’ve been involved with the development of commercial web applications and strategy at exciting startups. I’ve conducted research, written reports, helped write business plans, delved into business analysis and constructed data dashboards for SMEs, as well as built bespoke projects for artists, cultural events and writers – such as an ML chatbot, user generated literary projects, and a one page poetry image-generator. I have been a technical partner on a number of grant applications too. I’ve produced social-media-driven live-streamed events, full conference series for education charities, and workflow and communication strategies for local businesses. I’m also an experienced producer of projects with a digital component (and I’m great at making interesting and unusual connections).

Companies, clients and colleagues:

“I worked for Xander during the build-out of the Unbound Rails application, and found him an utter pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him as both a colleague and manager and would work with him again without hesitation.”

Dave Goodchild. – Senior Engineer

“Xander has built us websites and digital projects as well as acting as a digital consultant for us over the last 5 years, creating high-quality assets for our brand, providing crucial strategic advice as well as building digital projects that have increased sales directly. I definitely recommend him and his work.”

Leo Johnson. – Creative Director, Dodo Pub Co.